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Anti Malaria tablets are essential medication when travelling to countries that have a high risk of malaria. Malaria is most common in tropical and subtropical countries, such as India, Singapore, Cambodia Kenya and South Africa. Currently there is no vaccination against malaria, however there is medication you can take that can dramatically reduce the chances of you contracting malaria. The type of malaria tablet you will need to take will depend on a range of factors, such as the area visiting, the length of visit, your medical history and any medication you may currently be on. For more information on which medication is required for the country you are visiting, visit our Malaria Risk Information Map.

Travelpharm provide a range of anti malaria tablets, such as Malarone tablets and the new generic malarone tablets Atovaquone / Proguanil, that are all available via an online consultation service, which means you are able to purchase malaria tablets without having to visit your doctor or pharmacist. Simply answer a range of medical questions when prompted during the checkout process, and when we receive your order your answers will be reviewed by our pharmacist, and if we don't need to confirm any details, your order will be dispensed from our UK pharmacy and sent out to you.


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