Africa - Malaria Risk Travel Information

Travel Overview:

Whether you are going for a safari experience or visiting friends and family, travelling to Africa is always a journey that you need to plan for!

This gorgeous continent plays host to a range of countries packed full of beautiful landscapes, vibrant cities and rich culture. But it also carries a risk of malaria.

When travelling to areas that carry a malaria risk warning it is important that you take all the necessary precautions before you travel. Purchasing suitable antimalarial tablets or mosquito nets and sprays is the first step in ensuring that you are protected from malaria.

When looking to purchase malaria prevention tablets, you need to have the right ones for the country that you are visiting. There are many African countries, each with different challenges and requirements. There are some parts of Africa that carry a much higher malaria risk area than others, this means that you will need to take extra care when visiting. The longer you spend in a malaria-risk area, the more tablets you'll need to remain protected. This is why you need to think about things like side effects.

Antimalarial Tablets - What You Need To Know:

Choosing the right antimalarial tablets is not a simple case of one-size-fits-all. Some tablets require you to start taking them in advance in travel and then continuing to do so after you return.

Getting the correct information about your destination is imperative in order to understand what antimalarial tablet is best suited to you.

As well as thinking about the different types of malaria, have you considered having access to safe drinking water? That's right, drinking water! It's one thing to have the tablets, but they need to be taken with water! If you have no access to safe, clean drinking water, how can you take your medication? You'll be amazed at how many travellers don't actually think about that!

At Travelpharm, we sell a range of antimalarial tablets, for both adults and children. We recommend you research on the country you're travelling to, using the list below, and then look at your options.

These are the current list of antimalarial tablets we offer:

Choose Your Country:

We have put together comprehensive guides for each country in Africa with the aim to provide you with as much information and knowledge as possible.

Each page contains information on malaria risks, vaccination requirements, altitude levels as well as other medical risks such as travellers diarrhoea. You will also be presented with a range of antimalarial medicines that are suitable for the country or region you plan to visit.

Click your desired country below to get started!

Don't Forget Your Insect Repellent:

As well as regular antimalarial medication, you also need to consider taking a mosquito and insect repellent spray with you!

There are many different brands and formulations, but it is important to choose one that contains DEET.

DEET has been proven to be the most effective in preventing mosquito bites so it is the repellent of choice in areas with diseases such as malaria and dengue.

DEET within products is measured in concentration levels, for example, 50% DEET, the lower the concentration of DEET the less effective the repellent will be. Products that contain DEET should be used with caution when applying to clothes as it can damage some materials or fabrics. If you are applying DEET products to children, then it should be applied with adult supervision.

Travelpharm as a range of mosquito and insect repellents to choose from, see some of your options below:

Choose The Right Mosquito Net:

At TravelPharm we provide a wide range of high-quality mosquito nets available to suit your every need. We stock a large range of mosquito nets for single beds, double beds as well as giant double nets, pop up nets, wedge nets, box nets, bell nets and cot nets.

For protection when you’re out and about we also provide a range of head nets that provide easy manoeuvrability whilst keeping your face and head safe from insect bites. We even provide a pop-up mosquito net so you can set it up and store it away as quickly and easily as possible, although this isn’t as compact compared with other styles of nets.

Alternatively, you can purchase separate hanging kits with hooks so you can improvise and hang your net at locations that don’t provide pre-existing hooks – perfect for backpackers!


VFR travellers?

In the UK, malaria is primarily found in individuals who have Visited Friends and Relatives (the VFR).

Traditionally, these groups are hard to reach and data acquired by Travelpharm, via freedom of information requests, have seen a 16% increase in cases between 2015 and 2016. With an overwhelming majority arising from sub-Saharan, East and West Africa travellers.

It is massively important that UK VFR’s heading to sub-Saharan Africa use all available measures to prevent malaria!