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Benylin contains powerful ingredients to help settle those stubborn coughs.  The range has several ingredients that help combat troublesome cough symptoms, and they include:

Guaifenesin - An expectorant that helps you break apart mucous.  Great for a chesty cough

Menthol - helps you breathe easy!

Diphenhydramine - An antihistamine that will make you feel drowsy, helping you drift off to sleep!  Great if your cough has kept you awake all night

Dextromethorphan - An ingredient to help calm, soothe and stop troublesome dry coughs. 

Please read about each Benylin product carefully as each product will contain different ingredients to help with different types of cough.  

Coughs and colds usually settle on their own, but nasty infections like flu can leave long-lasting coughs of up to a month or so.  If you have had a cough for longer than one month you speak with your GP.