NEWS: WHO Supports Immunisation Against Cholera In Zambia

Following an outbreak of cholera in Zambia’s capital, 1 million residents of Lusaka are set to be immunised against the deadly disease. The outbreak initially started in the Chipata sub-district on the 2nd October 2017, where it continued to spread leading to the Minister of Health to declare an outbreak on the 6th October¹. On the 9th of January 2018, the Zambian Government placed a temporary suspension on the issue of passports and national identity cards in a bid to contain the disease².  It is only now that the Zambian government... Read More


NEWS: Bill Gates To Repay Nigeria’s Polio Debt

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is set to repay Nigeria’s $76m Polio debt! Nigeria has authorised the gates foundation, run by Bill and Melissa Gates, to start repaying Nigeria’s Overseas Development Assistance, which has helped Nigeria eradicate polio. The debt to be repaid is $76 million which is repayable to the Japanese government¹ The project’s aim was to eradicate polio in Nigeria by procuring enough vaccine to inoculate all children under 5 years of age a total of 476 million doses². The loan deal that was signed in 2014... Read More


NEWS: New Changes To Malaria Guidelines

Here at TravelPharm, we are always on the lookout for new guidance to support our customers with their travel plans. Today has seen the publication of the latest UK malaria prevention guidelines. These guidelines published by the ACMP are just one of many tools we use to help our patients. The Changes: “This 2017 update of the guidelines include the following key changes: 1 – Recognition that the world malaria situation has improved significantly in some regions in recent years Guidelines for malaria prevention in travellers from the UK 2017... Read More