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Check For 294 Allergens With The Klarify.Me Home Allergy Testing Kit!

Klarify.Me Home Allergy Testing Kit allows you to reliably test for 294 allergens in the comfort of your own home! Using reliable and unique technology, Klarify.Me provides you with a detailed allergy report so that you can better understand your symptoms and start to fight back against your allergies! The Klarify.Me Home Allergy Testing Kit checks for the following allergens: Grass Pollen: Bahia grassBermuda grassCommon reedTimothy grassPerennial ryegrassRye Tree Pollen: AcaciaArizona cypressCypressAlderAshCottonwoodBeech pollenDate PalmElmHazelMountain cedarMulberry treeLondon plane treeOliveSilver birchSugi pollenWalnutWeeping figPaper mulberryTree of heaven Weed Pollen: PigweedRagweedMugwortLamb’s quarterCannabis (CBD)HempAnnual mercury... Read More


How To Buy Anti-Malaria Tablets Online Safely

Have you ever wanted to buy your prescription travel medicines online? For years the process of buying your travel medicines has meant that a trip to your doctors was required every time. But things have changed over recent years and now it is more convenient and cheaper than ever to buy your medicines online! Travelpharm offer an Online Consultation service to make it simple and convenient for you to get hold of your anti-malaria tablets without having to book a visit with your doctor. Our online consultation service means that... Read More

doxycycline capsules 29/04/2015

Getting to know Doxycycline for Malaria Prevention

In our continued look at a range of different antimalarial tablets, it’s now time to get indepth and personal with getting to know Doxycycline for malaria prevention. How do you know Doxycycline is the right anti-malaria tablet for you? How do you know which countries have malaria? and if the malaria tablet you have chosen is even suitable for the area you plan to travel to? To help with these problems, here at TravelPharm we have devised a series of blog posts which aim to help you make an informed... Read More


Getting to know Lariam (Mefloquine)

With international travel to malaria risk areas on the rise and a whole host of different malaria prevention medication available, it is understandable that sometimes it is difficult to decide which medication is right for you. To help with this problem, here at TravelPharm we have devised a series of blog posts which aim to help you make an informed decision regarding which antimalarial medication is right for you. Why do you need antimalarials? In brief, Malaria is a disease caused by a parasite which is transmitted by the bite... Read More


Getting to know Atovaquone and Proguanil

Atovaquone and Proguanil – What is it? Let me set the scene…. You’re headed off for the rural adventure of a lifetime in Malaysian Borneo. You’re extremely excited; who knows what you might see and who you might meet. You’ve sorted out the basics- flights, accommodation, itinerary… now you’re onto the slightly less exciting but equally important health bit. What pills, potions and jabs will you need? You’ve visited your local travel clinic and (alongside other recommendations) your travel health professional has recommended that you need prescription only antimalarials for... Read More