The World’s Most Scariest Bridges

If you are not a fan of heights, you may not want to scroll down any further. Most of the time we don’t think twice when crossing bridges, especially if we are travelling by car. You rarely get too close to the edge to see over the sides, so you feel safe in your crossing. But what about those bridges that let you see a little more than you’d like? The ones crossing vast gorges with wire framed sides. Or how about the rope bridges you need to cross on... Read More


The Most Extreme Travel Destinations In The World

We have put together a list of some of the most extreme, and craziest destinations you can visit. For some people, the idea of the perfect holiday abroad is to be on a sun bed beside the pool, a drink in one hand, a book in the other. Nothing extreme about that! Some want to spend a holiday in the UK, at one of the many beautiful coastal villages or towns. Having fun on the beach, and walking the cliff tops. All finishing off with a night at the local pub,... Read More


Travelpharm’s Top 10 Mosquito Facts

We have put together a list of mosquito facts to ensure you know your stuff before you go travelling to malaria risk areas.   #1 Only Female mosquitoes bite:   All mosquitoes feed mainly on plant nectar and fruit for nourishment; however, the female mosquito requires protein from the blood to grow their eggs.   #2 Female mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water:   Mosquitoes are commonly found around water due to their eggs requiring water in order to develop. This normally means that standing water can quickly become a... Read More


5 European Treasures to Explore This Year

Get the wanderlust bug with these unique travel destinations hidden away in the corners of Europe. We have compiled a list of 5 unique travel destinations in Europe to help ignite your wanderlust, and plant these seeds for you to get planning your own holiday of a lifetime. We all dream of finding that perfect holiday, some want weeks by a pool, others want adventures and exploration. With so many obvious places you can choose to go abroad, what about those places that are not so obvious, some of which you’ve never even heard of?... Read More