NEWS: Are You Attending The Sao Paulo Carnival?

Due to the ongoing Yellow Fever Risk in Brazil, we have some advice for people attending Sao Paulo Carnival.

Recently the WHO has added all of Sao Paulo state to the list of risk areas in Brazil for Yellow Fever. Cases continue to occur and patients have queued for over 7 hours at drop-in clinics to receive a vaccine. Some clinics have even run out and closed amid the panic.

Tourists are being advised to ensure they have received Yellow Fever vaccine before travelling to these regions.

February 9th-14th 2018 will see the annual Sao Paulo carnival get underway, with millions of visitors attending. Traditionally, risk in urban areas is generally low, but because of the carnival, the massive influx of people and the ongoing outbreak it is now been classed as a Yellow Fever risk zone.

Whilst the risk of yellow fever in tourists is not high, there is still a risk, as demonstrated by a Dutch national who contracted yellow fever recently on a 21 trip to Sao Paulo state. He thankfully survived after being treated and diagnosed back in Holland. This case demonstrates the risk to travellers is real and vaccine should be administered a minimum of 10days prior to arrival in a risk zone.

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