NEWS: New Conjugate Typhoid Vaccine Is Awarded WHO Prequalification

WHO to take a big step forward in the fight against Typhoid.

An Indian bioresearch company has now been granted World Health Organisation pre-qualification for their product Typbar-TCV.  Typbar-TCV is a conjugate vaccine.  Conjugate vaccines offer longer and stronger immunity over their polysaccharide cousins and its product has been demonstrated safe in populations as young as 6 months.

Until now countries endemic with Typhoid fever, which is a bacterial infection caused by Salmonella, have relied on an old polysaccharide vaccine.  The current polysaccharide vaccine can only be used from 2 years of age upwards, it produces a poor immune response and unfortunately, the immune response is short lived.

Globally there are nearly 12 million reported cases worldwide which leads to 128,000 deaths annually. The worst affected areas are Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. Research has shown that although the mortality rate is not high at a little over 1% the disruption the disease causes to the children and young adults lives is high causing issues with ongoing education and local economic development.

The amazing development which the WHO has prequalified will open the doors allowing countries who suffer the burden of typhoid fever to start procurement processes which will protect millions of individuals worldwide.


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