Sunscreen, Does It Stop You Tanning And Will It Block Vitamin D?

Depending on when you read this, Summer is probably on its way, and it’s that great time of the year when everything is starting to warm up and we think about sunscreen and sun protection, or at least I hope you do! But what exactly is sunscreen, how does it work, will it stop you tanning and most importantly does sunscreen block Vitamin D production? Well, our expert pharmacist Mr Andrew Walton has the answers for you so that you can enjoy the sun safely, but before we do I’ll... Read More


Top 7 Family Holiday Essentials

Now that Easter has passed, it’s that time of year again; where we all marvel at how fast the time has passed since Christmas and start to spend A LOT of what little time we have to spare daydreaming about our forthcoming summer holidays. Whether it’s a sunny beach in Spain, a cottage in the UK or a blowout trip to the other side of the world, there are fundamentals that need to be arranged. We know that it is not always easy juggling life working full time, bringing up... Read More


Festival Survival Guide

Festival season is in full swing and British summer time weather remains as unpredictable as ever! Music, rain, wind, mud, sunshine, alcohol and memories are all to be experienced and enjoyed!! However, festivals carry a few risks, so here’s a few tips to help you stay safe and healthy this summer. Alcohol If you choose to drink at a festival, have a drink of water between each beer.  This will keep you hydrated, particularly if it’s hot and sunny. It will also help prevent a nasty hangover.  Keep your drink... Read More