Backpack Packing Tips

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Have you ever wanted to go backpacking around the world?

Tickets booked, money saved, days crossed off from the calendar… Going on a holiday is a great adventure. On top of the ‘usual’ leisure holidays, backpacking has been on the rise since the past few years. With air travel becoming more accessible, a gap year is now often spent in Asia, Australia, or South America.

Regardless of your travel destination, if you are hoisting your luggage on your back you need to think about your packing. Not only can you not bring as much as you want (let’s be realistic, no one needs the number of clothes we stuff in our regular luggage!), but your items will also not be as easy to reach, due to the top opening. Travelpharm has collected the top backpacking packing tips to help you keep organised throughout your journey!

Don’t Bring Everything

Pile of luggage and suit casesYou will have limited space. Very limited space. This is not the time for jeans, ripped jeans, formal jeans, white jeans and skinny jeans. Consider how long you’re going, how often you will be able to wash your clothes and go from there. You can wear trousers for more than one day, but your pants and socks need quicker changeovers! So logically speaking, more socks and undies, fewer trousers. If you want to look fashionable, make sure your tops and bottoms mix ‘n match for more outfits with fewer items.

Roll Your Clothes

Instead of jamming everything in, or neatly folding, roll your clothes and stack. You’ll be able to put more clothes in a smaller space, more evenly. Use smaller items such as socks and underwear to fill up any leftover space.

Half Everything

Seriously, bring half of the things that you think you’ll need. You will need to carry it all for the duration of your travels, so it’s a waste of precious space to bring things you won’t wear. Consider things that you can buy at your destination for a cheaper price, and remember that you’ll want space for things you buy on the go as well.

Consider The Order Of Packing

Items that you need more often, need to be easy to reach. Things like shoes can move towards the bottom. Think about the order of things in terms of how often you need them, and how quickly you need to get to them. You might not need your poncho very often, but when you’re suddenly caught in a downpour you don’t want to search the whole bag for it!

Stay Balanced

A well-balanced pack has its weight in the centre. Placing all heavy items at the bottom will make the backpack ‘hang’ more, and pull away from your body, which you want to avoid. Try having middleweight items in the middle, bulky but light at the bottom, and heavy items higher up, between your shoulders. Some backpacks over a separate access at the bottom, making it easier to grab your sleeping bag when stored at the bottom.

Don’t Make It Too Heavy

The weight of your backpack is not just for comfort – a too heavy backpack can cause injury, energy depletion, and make trekking impossible. As a guideline, a backpack for travelling should not weigh more than 20% of your bodyweight. A rucksack for a day trek should not exceed 10% of your bodyweight.

Backpacking gives you a lot of freedom when travelling. With the above tips, you can pack your backpack to get the most out of it, without dragging you down!

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