Being First Aid Prepared When Travelling

First aid bag and walking boots

While we all hope to get through our holiday injury or sickness free, there is always a chance that something might happen to you when abroad.

Obviously, when travelling you want to take the essentials, but some trips might require a little more than sun cream and allergy tablets.

For some journeys, you might require a little extra protection, things like jungle treks, safaris, hiking or adventure holidays. As the locations and activities get more extreme or hazardous, it’s vital that, if you suffer a minor injury, you have things with you to help aid not only yourself but others on the trip with you.

Safari & Jungle Treks: 

If you’re heading to a tropical, humid climate there is a chance that you are going to encounter an insect or a thousand. So it is always wise to ensure you have protective measures with you just in case.

Protecting yourself from mosquitoes with nets or repellents is always the first plan of action. And if your destination requires you to take anti-malaria tablets, that you are fully stocked. But what happens if you get stung when travelling? If your itch gets worse and you keep scratching, it could break the skin, exposing your blood to the environment and a whole host of insects.

If you do get bit, you might want to consider After Bite, which is ideal for providing fast relief from bites and stings. After Bite contains ammonia which provides relief of itching caused by bites and stings.

As with any adventure into isolated environments, it’s important that at least someone on the journey as with them a fully stocked First Aid kit. We have a range of First Aid Kits that range from dental specific kits to more advanced kits, packed full of medical aids to help you or your group.

Hiking & Mountaineering:

There’s nothing more frustrating on a walking holiday than getting a blister. If you are struggling to walk, then chances are the hiking holiday isn’t going to be as enjoyable.
While popping the blister might be the obvious solution, it could get infected or suffer further irritation if you continue to walk without treating it.

Compeed Blister Plasters would be ideal in this situation, to help stop the blister from getting infected and make it easier to walk in comfort.

It’s not just blisters that can be a problem on a hiking holiday, other cuts or sprains can also be a factor. The Lifesystems Trek First Aid Kit is packed full of a range of essential items to help in most minor medical situations. The kit contains bandages, paracetamol, hygiene wipes, surgical tape, plasters and lots more.

When travelling it is important to ensure you carry the correct equipment in case of an accident or emergency. We supply a wide range of First Aid Kits and First Aid Supplies to ensure that you have the right First Aid tools in case an accident occurs whilst travelling abroad or at home.

If you suffer from cuts, bruises, scrapes, burns, blisters, bites, stings, or more serious injuries whilst travelling, then we have the right kit to make sure you are able to recover quickly and stay safe on your holiday.

Hopefully, you won’t be in a situation for the need of First Aid on your holiday, but if you do, it’s better to be prepared should the worse happen.

If you have any questions about what products are suitable for your journey or have any questions about anti-malaria tablets or mosquito protection. You can contact us for free, impartial advice or leave your questions in the comments below.

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