Top 7 Family Holiday Essentials

Now that Easter has passed, it’s that time of year again; where we all marvel at how fast the time has passed since Christmas and start to spend A LOT of what little time we have to spare daydreaming about our forthcoming summer holidays.
Whether it’s a sunny beach in Spain, a cottage in the UK or a blowout trip to the other side of the world, there are fundamentals that need to be arranged.
We know that it is not always easy juggling life working full time, bringing up children and planning the family holiday. This is why we have designed this quick and easy check list of travel accessories to help make summer easy!

Travel Essentials For A Family Holiday

1. Document wallet

First things first, organise your paperwork. You’ve got all the passports, booking confirmations, travel insurance etc etc that need printing and putting in a safe place. This document wallet is an excellent and portable way to order your papers (and your mind!)

2. Travel Sickness Pills or Bands

Now you need to get there. It is a known fact that children aren’t always the best travellers in the world. Couple this with the excitement of going on holiday and it can get messy. Pre-empt those situations where you find yourself holding their hair back as they vomit violently into a plastic bag whilst driving along the M1 and get some travel sickness tablets. Kwells kids are particularly effective and are less drowsy than some of the equivalents. Alternatively, travel bands are effective for some children if the tablets are unsuitable.

3. Suncream

Once you arrive, you need to be prepared for the climate. The sun can be strong all over the world, including the UK (believe it or not!). It is crucial to stay protected wherever your travels take you. A high factor sun cream applied regularly is an essential holiday accessory. Uvistat is particularly good for sensitive young skin and provides optimum protection.

43. Insect Repellent

Whether it be midges in the UK or mosquitos in Europe, no one likes getting eaten alive. Keep the mosquitos at bay using some natural insect repellent. Remember to apply these after suncream for optimum results!!
If you are travelling further afield to a malaria risk area then this is crucial. You should get insect repellent containing at least 20% DEET for optimum protection and make sure you look into whether you need malaria prevention medication.

5. Insect bite treatment

Despite our best efforts, sometimes we all suffer a bite or two. Soothe any bites using hydrocortisone cream on unbroken skin for a period of up to one week (for adults and children over 10).
Antihistamine syrups such as chlorphenamine are good for itchy children. However, it can make them drowsy.

6. Travel adaptor

There’s nothing worse than realising when you arrive that you can’t charge your phone or camera because you didn’t bring an adaptor for the plug! Keep snap happy with a universal adaptor.

7. Basic first aid kit

A basic first aid kit alongside paracetamol, ibuprofen and indigestion relief goes without saying on a family holiday. Whether it be a plaster for a stubbed toe around the pool or paracetamol the morning after one too many sangrias this is essential.

We’re sure you can think of many more holiday essentials for a family summer holiday but we hope this has got the cogs whirring and that you have a fun stress free holiday!

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