Can I have antimalarials on the N.H.S. ?

Simply No.

You will not be prescribed anti-malaria medicines on the NHS as the budget for medicines in the UK is not intended to be spent by your GP on malaria tablets and treatments for travel. 

As a customer, you will, unfortunately, have to buy the medicine from a pharmacy.  This cost will always vary so shop around, but you can always trust Travelpharm to have very competitively priced medicines!

Thankfully it is very easy these days to buy malaria tablets, especially from Travelpharm.  It might even cost less than you think, with the price of Malarone equivalent costing just £1.08 per tablet!

Often there are unbranded versions available which we call generics.  If you don't know what I am talking, but want to save money (who doesn't?) then check out our excellent article on Brands vs Generics 

Want to see what we have available?  Check out our full range of malaria treatments.