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Canesten products are designed specifically to help individuals suffering from fungal infections in women with thrush. Thrush is a very common problem that is caused by a yeast called Candida albicans. These organisms live in your gut and get along happily with other organisms in your body and are managed by your immune system. However, it is possible for the Candida to start multiplying and overgrow which is an early sign of thrush.

There are many symptoms to thrush, and different women will experience symptoms differently, however, there are certain symptoms that you can look out for. The first sign that you might be coming down with thrush is discomfort such as itching, soreness or swelling around the entrance to your vagina. Other symptoms may be an uncomfortable burning sensation when you pass urine or during sex. It is important to remember thrush isn't a sexually transmitted disease. Usually, there is nothing to be concerned about if you experience the first signs of thrush and Travelpharm have a range of products from Canesten, all designed to help calm symptoms, from Cream, Sachets, Pessary and Capsules, all at low prices.