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Care Plus products offer travellers the chance to stay protected against all possibilities when visiting other countries, especially tropical countries that have a high risk of mosquito bites. Mosquitoes and stinging insects can be dangerous as they can transfer infectious diseases, such as malaria and yellow fever. As well as anti insect products, Care Plus have a range of First Aid kits to ensure you are protected for any accident when abroad, including compact first aid kits, sterile first aid kits, waterproof first aid kits and professional first aid kits. All Care Plus products are designed especially for travellers, which means they are easy to pack and carry, no matter what continent you are visiting. With Care Plus products you know you will be prepared for all eventualities before you travel.


Care Plus provide a range of mosquito nets to stay protected from biting insects when sleeping or travelling, these are especially important when travelling through high risk areas. Nets include pop-up head net, single wedge net, compact bell net and pop-up dome net. When you are travelling to countries that have poor water supplies, or water isn't easily accessible it is difficult to take care of personal hygiene. Care Plus provide products that can help keep you clean when travelling, such as antiseptic hand gel, biodegradable soap and disinfectant wipes.