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Compeed plasters provide relief from blisters, callous and corns on your feet. By using Compeed plasters you can help prevent further progression and pain as the cushioning layer of the plasters forms a barrier against friction and further rubbing or irritation. Compeed plasters are designed with Hydrocolloid which creates the perfect environment for the wound to heal, and instantly reduces pain when walking or running.


Compeed Blister plasters help to prevent further progression of the blister by providing a waterproof barrier that helps to protect the wound from bacterial infection. Blisters occur due to lesions that are filled with fluid in response to constant pressure and friction. Most common because of badly fitted trainers or shoes. Compeed Blisters Plasters are available in a different size to ensure you blister can be covered, no matter where it's location is, from small blister plasters, medium blister plasters and mixed blister plasters.


If you feel you are prone to blisters, then the Compeed Anti-Blister Stick provides protection in areas that you know may have friction, apply it to the skin wherever you want to stop blisters from forming. Especially ideal when walking, running or trekking. Instantly reduces rubbing and doesn't leave any stains.


Compeed Corn and Compeed Callous plasters help to relieve pain and pressure instantly, by helping to soften and cushion the wound. Containing a special gel that relieves pain immediately, which helps to remove the corn or callus. Corns and callouses normally appear when shoes or trainers are too tight. Travelpharm have a range of Compeed plasters to help you stop