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Travelpharm stock a range of essential travel security products that you should definitely not travel without!  With padlocks, document holders, RFID blocking wallets and money belt for travel you can be sure your valuables will be safe and secure!

Security risks are ever present when travelling home or abroad and when most people think of safety and security they immediately think of robberies and petty crime but increasingly more common are scams, card cloning and the new wave of RFID scanning crimes. 

Did you know that your bank cards and even your passport have microchips in them containing RFID chips that with a few simple components and the right know how can be cloned?  How do you stop this happening?  It's actually really easy.  Buy and use a wallet or document holder that is made from RFID blocking material.  We stock a great range of RFID blocking wallets, passport holders, and money belt so you don't get your contactless cards or passport cloned whilst away!

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Don't fancy a stylish new RFID wallet or a fashionable RFID passport holder, then nevermind as we still stock a range of body wallets, chest wallets and padlocks to keep those possessions safe and secure.  

Body wallets and money belts are normally worn around the waist and are on an adjustable elastic waistband so they cater for all sizes.  The wallets usually have multiple compartments, most of which are zipped to ensure your passport, bank cards, cash and important documents stay organised.  The body wallets are usually made from a cotton mix and are comfortable and cool to wear against the skin.  Some of the wallets are even waterproof! 

Chest wallets are slightly different but are worn around the neck and are usually worn against the skin under a shirt or t-shirt.  They are also made from comfortable materials and have multiple pockets to keep your passport, cash and other documents organised. 

Like to keep your suitcase secure when travelling?  Ever found your padlock or case has been damaged?  It might be because customs officials needed to inspect your case.  What you needed was a TSA approved padlock.  These TSA approved padlocks are specially designed so that the only customs officials (and yourself) can open them reducing the risk of a broken case when travelling by plane.  Check out this blog by the TSA here

Top tips for safe travel.

Check out the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website, also known as the FCO here.  You should check your destinations and read the latest guidance regarding ongoing safety and security issues including political instability, recent natural disasters, terrorism and petty crime.

Always keep your valuables secure.  If your room has a safe, use it, but only if you can set your own combination, and only carry essentials when venturing out. 

Body wallets, Chest wallets and Money belts are a great way of keeping your essentials secure.  Wear them close to your body and always beware of your surroundings when accessing them.  

Always be wary of your surroundings, and be extra vigilant when using a cash machine or going out in the evening.