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Gaviscon products are designed to provide fast, long lasting soothing relief of pain and discomfort associated with heartburn and acid indigestion. Gaviscon products are available in various forms, from liquids, tablets, sachets and extra strength tablets, all containing 3 main active ingredients sodium alginate, sodium bicarbonate and calcium carbonate, all working together to help relieve symptoms associated with gastro-oesophageal reflux, such as heartburn. Gaviscon works fast due to none of the ingredients being absorbed into the bloodstream, instead they work by forming a barrier or 'raft' on top of your stomachs contents, which helps to block any acid that tries to make its way back into the food pipe, providing long lasting relief for up to three or four hours.


Travelpharm have a range of Gaviscon products that are ideal to use when travelling, such as Gaviscon Handy Packs, Gaviscon Double Strength Tablets and Gaviscon Cool Tablets. If you suffer heartburn or acid indigestion when abroad, these Gaviscon items are ideal for providing fast-acting relief, so you are able to get back enjoying your holiday.