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At Travelpharm we believe in providing the best quality products for the most affordable prices, our expertise, customer service and passion for travel are second to none.

Take our price comparison challenge and you will see that we deliver the same high-quality products at much cheaper prices than other online pharmacies as well as high street pharmacies.  Don't take our word for it - see what our loyal customers say about us on Trustpilot.

We ensure that we pass on all our manufacturer savings to you, the customer. So you can rest assured that you will be receiving high-quality products for the best value for money from a reliable UK pharmacy with probably the cheapest prices for your malaria tablets in the UK.  

Malaria tablets cost less than you might imagine at Travelpharm and we like to think we offer the best service and the cheapest prices when it comes to buying your anti-malaria tablets online. Travelpharm offers a range of branded and generic malaria tablets with free online consultations available, meaning we can write your prescription for you! This means no need to book an appointment with your doctor and drag yourself out of the house. You can order everything online!

Unlike other online retailers, we don't sell our anti-malaria tablets in restrictive quantities, so whilst you may be offered courses on other websites we sell the majority of our anti-malaria medication as single tablets. By allowing you to purchase as single tablets or capsules, we offer greater reassurance that not only are you buying exactly the right amount for your journey, but it also allows you to be able to order spares in case of accidents or mishaps!

Here at Travelpharm, we believe in transparency and honesty, so to prove that we are offering great value for money we have put together a list of products and prices from our competitors for you to see the difference for yourself!  We regularly check our prices against Superdrug Online Doctor, Lloyds pharmacy Online Doctor as well as others like Express Pharmacy and Chemist Click. 

PLEASE NOTE: We aim to keep this page updated as best as possible, but some prices may not always be accurate. Prices will be checked every month and will only be correct at the time the page was updated. Travelpharm has provided this information as a guide only. Prices correct as of 20/05/2022 

Drug:Travelpharm:ASDA:Doctor Fox:Express Pharmacy:Superdrug:Lloyds Pharmacy:ChemistClick:
Malarone7 Days (16 Tablets) £31.20N/A7 Days (16 Tablets) £46.907 Days (16 Tablets) £49.997 Days (16 Tablets) £50.007 Days (16 Tablets) £49.007 days (16 tablets) £45.99
Atovaquone/Proguanil (Malarone Generic)7 Days (16 Tablets) £15.687 Days (16 Tablets) £28.007 Days (16 Tablets) £19.207 Days (16 Tablets) £49.997 Days (16 Tablets) £39.007 Days (16 Tablets) £39.007 days (16 Tablets) £22.89
Doxycycline7 Days (37 Capsules) £8.88N/A7 Days (37 Capsules) £11.80N/A7 Days (37 Capsules) £24.007 Days (37 Capsules) £29.957 Days (37 Capsules) £9.99

*ASDA is not always the cheapest.

**Doctor Fox (Prices do not include Doctor Fox prescription fees and delivery charges).