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What Is Erectile Dysfunction, What Causes it and How to Treat It

Erectile Dysfunction, or impotence, may feel like an embarrassing problem for some men, however, it is known to affect more than half of all men aged between 40 - 70 years old.

If you feel you are unable to achieve or maintain an erection when sexually stimulated, then you may be suffering from Erectile Dysfunction sometimes called EDS or ED for short.

Travelpharm offers free advice and free online consultations for men wanting discreet easy online access to a UK pharmacy supplying medicines sourced in the UK. There is no need to have a prescription when ordering ED treatments through Travelpharm as our UK registered prescribing pharmacist will check and approve where appropriate every order for ED medicines. We stock a wide range of ED treatments including Sildenafil, Viagra, Cialis, Tadalafil and Spedra.

Below you will find common causes of physical ED, emotional ED, common medications that can cause ED and how Travelpharm can help you discreetly order your treatment and help you increase your confidence in the bedroom.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Physical Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

To obtain an erection blood flow must increase to the penis, unfortunately, if this doesn’t/cannot occur then you will not get an erection. This is the most common cause. This situation is likely to be linked to people suffering from cardiovascular disease, heart problems, diabetes and high blood pressure.

Less commonly you might have hormonal issues, for example, a lack of testosterone.

If you are just starting to suffer from Erectile Dysfunction have you considered lifestyle changes?

• Are you overweight? Try lose a few pounds it might make a significant difference,

• Do you smoke? Quit smoking, smoking is associated with Erectile Dysfunction and low fertility

• Do you have a balanced diet? You should consider what you eat, do you eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day?

• Do you exercise? The NHS recommends those between 19 and 64 should be active daily and for at least 150 minutes a week. Exercise doesn’t need to be a trip to the gym though, it could be as simple as a brisk walk, anything that lifts your heart rate.

• Are you stressed? Stress and anxiety are not good for our bodies. Look to reduce stress, start breathing exercises and perhaps even yoga or meditation and make sure you get a good nights sleep.

• Do you drink alcohol? Try and reduce your intake in line with NHS and government guidelines. The NHS suggests not more than 14 units per week for those who are suffering from Erectile Dysfunction.

Emotional Causes of of Erectile Dysfunction

Sometimes you might find it difficult to get an erection, but know that you are physically able, ie you get erections in the morning on waking. It is likely in these situations that whilst there may be some physical issues there is more likely to be an emotional component.

Anxiety and depression are often linked with erectile dysfunction and sometimes past failures will make obtaining erections in future situations more difficult. Do not be put off by this. Seek specialist advice from your doctor. You may find that Erectile Dysfunction treatments are useful in helping you rebuild your confidence.

Common Medicines that can cause Erectile Dysfunction

Drug Type

Drug Classification

Example Drugs

High blood pressure drugs

Beta Blockers

Propranolol, Atenolol, Sotalol

Alpha Blockers

Prazosin, Doxazosin

Loop Diuretics


Thiazide Diuretics


ACE inhibitors

Ramipril, Enalapril, Lisinopril

Calcium Chanel Blockers

Amlodipine, Verapamil, Nifedipine

Angiotensin-II receptor antagonists

Losartan, Valsartan



Fluoxetine, Paroxetine, Sertraline


Amitriptyline, Nortriptyline

High Cholesterol


Simvaststin, Pravastatin, Rosuvaststin



Anxiety, Epilepsy, Psychosis


Diazepam, Nitrazepam, Lorazepam

Z drugs

Zolpidem, Zopiclone



Atypical Antpsychotic



Phenytoin, Carbemazepine



Codeine, Morphine, Tramadol




Traditional H1 Antagonists

Diphenhydramie, Promethazine

H2 Antagonists

Ranitidine, Cimetidine

Parkinson’s Disease

Dopamine Agonists


Recreational drugs

Alcohol, Amphetamines

Cocaine, Nicotine, Cannabis

We strongly encourage anyone who are using these medicines but suffering with erectile dysfunction or other sexual dysfunction such as decreased sex drive or ejaculatory disturbance to contact their GP. Do not discontinue any prescribed treatments without first consulting their doctor.

Erectile Dysfunction - Need Help?

In the last 10 years, there have been major breakthroughs in erectile dysfunction treatment with a number of different drugs becoming available. They work by opening up the blood flow to the penis, which is needed to obtain and maintain erections. As well as a medication it is also proven that an improvement in lifestyle can help to give stronger longer erections. Some of the main treatments include:

Viagra Connect which contains sildenafil.

Sildenafil, the unbranded version of Viagra

Cialis which contains the active ingredient Tadalafil

Tadalafil, the unbranded version of Cialis

Spedra, which contains Avanafil.

Erectile Dysfunction is considered to be a medical condition, so it is essential for you to seek advice from your doctor to ensure there are no major causes for concern. Travelpharm can provide a discreet and free Online Consultation service with the same as offered by many online doctor services. When ordering your treatment this way you will go through a set of medical questions that will be reviewed by our prescribing pharmacist to see if medication is suitable for your specific problem. When your order has been approved your tablets will be dispensed from our UK registered pharmacy, supplying licensed medication sourced in the UK. All parcels for Erectile Dysfunction drugs are shipped via Royal Mail or DPD in discreet packaging to UK addresses only. Please note that these medicines are prescription-only and require a consultation via our website to ensure suitability. All medicines can have side effects so please read the Erectile Dysfunction drugs patient information leaflet before using any medicine.

For more information on Erectile Dysfunction, please visit the NHS Choices website.