Prescription Medicine Policy

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Prescription Only Medicine Purchases

Travelpharm retails a small selection of prescription-only medicines for a few conditions that usually do not require regular monitoring. For example anti-malaria pills. Travelpharm does not engage in the sale of prescription medicines that may be misused, like opiates and steroids.

To purchase one of our limited selection of prescription medicines you are asked to read carefully about each product before making a selection. Once you have made your choice please ensure the quantity you order is correct and appropriate. You’ll then be asked to fill out a questionnaire. Don’t worry it won’t take long, but the information you provide us with will help us decide whether a product is suitable for you. The more information you can provide the better.

Travelpharm does not operate a yes/no algorithm to determine suitability, instead relies on the expertise of our in house pharmacist prescriber. To see which prescriber and responsible pharmacist is on duty please see the footer link on every page.

Your selection of a product and payment for a product is an offer to purchase an item. A contract is formed when you receive your order confimation but the we reserve the right as stipulated in our terms and conditions to terminate the contract should the purchase be unsuitable in the view of the prescriber. This allows our experts the time to ensure your selection is appropriate for the condition you are treating/preventing, and we take this role seriously. Should Travelpharm suspect a product is being misused, or after discussion we deem the product unsuitable, we reserve the right to cancel and refund your order. Our prescriber’s decision is final, medicines are not standard e-commerce products.

What if you made the wrong choice? Don’t worry it happens. All consultations are reviewed by our prescriber and if there are any clinical problems that would mean the product is unsuitable we’ll drop you an email text or phone call to sort. Just check out our great reviews on Trustpilot. We think this provides a safer more personal shopping experience than a simple yes/no questionnaire.

Travelpharm have operated this way for nearly 10 years and has been a leading supplier of antimalarial medicines during this time. Trust Travelpharm to ensure you get the right medicine and the right price.