I am taking Warfarin as prescribed by my G.P., am I safe to take antimalarials ?

What should I do if I am taking Warfarin, but travelling to a malaria risk country?

Some anti-malarial treatments will affect your INR if using Warfarin.  INR or International Normalised Ratio is essentially the rate at which your blood clots.  The higher the number the slower your blood clots and it is imperative that your INR is monitored when using Warfarin.  If the number goes to high then you may bleed to death.

Unfortunately, Warfarin tends to interact with many medicines and it is important that you discuss with Travelpharm and your GP the medicines you use, or plan to use to ensure that your INR is properly controlled.

Travelpharm has experience is prescribing for patients using Warfarin and so we are able to advise on suitable malaria treatments on a one to one basis once you have had a consultation and purchased your treatment.  If your product choice is unsuitable or we feel it is important to speak with you we will put your order on hold until we have had the opportunity to speak with you about a refund, or a change to your prescribed medicine.  Sometimes no change is needed and all we need to do is offer some advice!


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I'm not using warfarin, but one of the new Oral Anti-Coagulants?

You're in luck!  The new oral anticoagulants which include Apixaban, Rivaroxaban and others have limited potential for interactions with anti-malaria medicines.  These interactions whilst theoretical tend to be limited but do need to be considered fully. These medicines are relatively new and so post-release data on drug interactions with anti-malaria treatments are still being gathered, and so caution should be exercised especially if travelling to countries with poor health care facilities or if you are likely to be staying in remote rural communities.


Always ensure you fill your consultation with as much information as possible as it is imperative that our specialists work safely.


Please always ensure you discuss your travel plans in detail with Travelpharm as well as your GP/anticoagulant clinic.