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If you are travelling to areas that have a high risk of mosquitoes, midges, ticks and other biting insects, it is important to take the proper precautions to reduce the risk of being bitten. Mosquitoes can spread serious diseases, most commonly malaria, so it is important to ensure you are protected throughout the day and night with insect repellents, mosquito nets and clothing treatment. If you are entering a country or area that has a high risk of malaria, then you should also take anti malaria tablets to help treat and prevent you being infected with malaria.

There are a range of insect repellents available, and when combined, will greatly reduce the risk of being bitten by insects, for example Repellent sprays, repellent lotions, mosquito plug-ins, mosibands and mosquito smoke coils, all designed to help keep biting insects at bay. Mosquito nets are ideal for keeping your sleeping area clear of mosquitoes during the day and night, this helps to stop any bugs and insects biting when you are sleeping. Mosquito nets are available in different shapes and sizes to ensure you can find the right net for your need.