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There are various ways that you can stay protected against mosquito and other biting insects, as well as malaria tablets and mosquito nets, the most common method is to use a repellent spray, which is applied to the skin and gives long-lasting protection. Insect repellents and mosquito sprays are available in different strengths, depending on which area of the world you are visiting and the risk of biting insects in that area. There are also lotions, roll-ons and creams available that also help to protect against mosquito bites.

Plug-in units are available to help stop mosquito and other flying insects in bedrooms or hotel rooms, providing long-lasting protection, ideal to be used overnight as an extra layer of protection. Mosquito bites bring a bigger risk as they are known to carry Malaria, Yellow Fever, West Nile Fever, Zika and Dengue Fever, which can be passed on when mosquito feed. There is a range of methods you can take to prevent mosquito bites, such as repellents and malaria tablets, not using perfumes, mosquito nets and ensuring rooms have circulating air. Travelpharm have a wide range of items available to ensure that you are protected against biting insects no matter where in the world you are travelling to.

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Many insect repellents contain (Diethyl Toulamide) DEET, which is highly effective at preventing bites from insects that are at risk of spreading diseases. DEET remains active for several hours, and depending on the product, can be applied onto skin and clothes to help protect from bites. DEET products tend to be supplied in various strengths, for example 50% DEET, the higher the DEET percentage, the more protection it provides. However, it is important to remember that DEET can cause skin irritation and damage certain material if not used as stated in the instructions.  

If you plan to go swimming or are travelling to hot and humid countries then it is important to reapply your repellent regularly as it may be washed off.  Mosquito repellent like Lifesystems Expedition Endurance spray provides the longest protection against mosquito and other biting insects.

Natural insect repellents are kind to the skin as they don't contain toxins, they also last for long periods of time, in some cases up to 10 hours. An example of a natural insect repellent is the oil of lemon eucalyptus this type of product is ideal for use in areas that has a low risk of mosquito bites. Natural insect repellents are also ideal for children, for example, Lifesystems Natural mosquito spray, however, always check the product leaflet before applying any repellent to children to ensure it is suitable. As well as insect repellents, it is important to ensure you take your own precautions against biting insects, this can be done by avoiding the use of perfumes, especially during the evenings. It is also wise to use a mosquito net when sleeping, and also ensure the room that you are sleeping in has circulating air.

For more tips and advice on how to protect against biting insect and mosquitoes, view our 'How to avoid insect & mosquito bites' page.