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Lifesystems insect repellent help to protect travellers from mosquito bites, midges, ticks and other flying, biting insects. Ideal for when travelling to countries and regions that have risk of malaria, or other diseases carried by biting insects.

Lifesystems provide a range of protection, from natural protection that contains plant extracts as an active ingredients, which are ideal for children and areas with low risk of malaria. Lifesystems Expedition repellents contain various levels of DEET and dual action formula. Lifesystems Expedition Endurance repellents are formulated with a time release agent which ensures the DEET evaporate at a reduced rate, offering protection for upto 12 hours. Plug in and portable mosquito units help to prevent mosquitoes and biting insects in bedrooms and hotel rooms. Buy Lifesystems repellents online from Travelpharm.