Malaria Prevention Tablets

The risk of catching malaria is increased when you travel to a country that has a high-risk factor and haven't taken the proper precautions to prevent being bitten by mosquitoes. At Travelpharm we have information on Malaria which informs you of areas which provide greater risks. It is impossible to totally avoid being bitten by mosquitoes, however, if you take the proper precautions your risk of getting malaria is greatly reduced. The most current data available (2017) demonstrates that in the UK there were 1618 cases. Over half of all cases were from first and second-generation migrants in the UK, of which 81% were visiting their family in the country of origin.

There are various types of anti-malaria tablets available, such as the popular Malarone tablets, Generic MalaroneMaloff ProtectLariam tablets and Doxycycline tablets. All of these tablets are used for preventing malaria and they should all be started before entering a malaria area. The type of malaria tablet you will need depends on factors such as parts of the world being visited, how long you are staying, the type of travel, your own medical history, and of course any medicines you may already be taking.

Travelpharm is a UK registered online pharmacy and provides all commercially available UK licenced anti-malarial tablets, either by prescription or through our Online Consultation Service.

For an up to date guide on what malaria medication you need in each country to protect against malaria, please see our Malaria Risk & Vaccination Map or visit the Fit for Travel website.

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Buy Malaria Prevention Tablets Online

Travelpharm have a large range of malaria tablets, which means it can be difficult to choose the right malaria medication for the area you are visiting. We provide an up to date guide on which antimalarial medication you need via our Malaria Risk Map. If you are still unsure or would like more advice then please email us or call our customer service team us on 0115 951 2092.

What is Malaria?

The malaria parasite is scientifically known by its genus Plasmodium. there are 5 different types and the most dangerous and prevalent are Plasmodium Vivax and Plasmodium Falciparum.

The malaria parasite is transmitted in the saliva of an infected mosquito during the biting process. Mosquitoes require a blood meal in order to reproduce. Often this is animals, but more often than not is a human. Once infected with the malaria parasite it travels to the liver and multiplies before eventually leaving the liver to infect the red blood cells where they asexually reproduce and destroy the red blood cell releasing more parasites to start the process over again. This repeated multiplication and reproduction causes the classic symptoms of malaria, the cyclical fever. Anti malaria tablets work to prevent this cycle occurring with some drugs working on the liver stage and with the others acting suppressively on the blood stage. It is for this reason that some of the drugs must be taken for several weeks after leaving.

Even though malaria tablets provide protection, no tablets are 100% effective, therefore it is essential to take other measures against malaria when visiting risk countries, especially those with high risk. Common precautions taken include sleeping under mosquito nets and using insect repellents containing DEET. Biting insects and mosquitoes can spread other diseases such as yellow fever and Dengue fever, so it is essential to protect yourself from all biting insects. Travelpharm has tips and advice on how to avoid insect and mosquito bites. 

If you develop a fever within ONE year of return from a malaria risk area then it is vitally important that you seek medical advice from your doctor. Make sure you tell them you have been to an area where malaria is present. 

Visiting Friends and Family - You definitely need to take anti-malaria tablets!

Immigrants and travellers returning home from visiting friends and relatives abroad (VFR travellers) continue to pose the most significant malarial risk to the UK, with over 40% of all new cases being attributed to this group alone.

Many VFR travellers think they do not require anti-malarial treatments when travelling back to their country of origin. They are also often travelling for much longer periods of time and are less likely to trust medical systems such as the NHS. There are also additional challenges such as language barriers.

The most current data available (2017) demonstrates that in the UK there were 1,270 cases of malaria treated in the UK alone. Over half of all cases were from first and second-generation migrants in the UK, of which 81% were visiting their family in the country of origin.

Our Service

We offer a FREE consultation service so you can order your malaria tablets without leaving the comfort of your own home. This means you no longer have to see your doctor for a prescription.

We offer a comprehensive consultation service for all of our malaria medication and will prescribe for children under 18. Our independent prescriber specialises in travel and will even prescribe for children under 10kg in body weight and pregnant women (contact our customer service team for the recommended dose for your child). Many of the popular supermarket pharmacies like Asda & Tesco will not do this.

We provide the dosage information on the product page, so you can work out how many tablets/capsules you will need, then all you need to do is simply add them to your basket – click the consultation button, fill in the short questionnaire and make your payment.

If you would like to try any of the malaria prevention tablets to ensure you get no side effects before you purchase the full course you can buy a TRIAL COURSE. Just order a few tablets and fill in the consultation stating you wish to have a trial and we will be too happy to oblige.

By selling our medication in single tablets/capsules you are able to tailor your order to YOUR exact needs rather than having to buy a course. This is ideal for those of you lucky enough to be off travelling for longer trips. Don’t forget you can order spares in-case of loss/illness and if you have some spare from a previous trip you can SAVE money by ordering a few less!

Our independent prescriber will check everything is in order (we will contact you with any queries) and authorise your prescription.

If you would like any assistance with this process call the Travelpharm customer service team Mon-Fri 9-5pm on 0115 951 2092.

If you wish to use a private prescription that you already have then that is not a problem!

Simply add the required medication to your basket and select the “I have a prescription” option, you can then make your payment and post the prescription to us (by law we must receive the original, not a copy or scan). Please be aware that if a prescription states a branded product (i.e. Malarone) we HAVE to supply it. Your prescription MUST be written generically if you wish to purchase the generic option (i.e. Atovaquone/Proguanil).

We regularly check our prices against other online pharmacies like Doctor Fox, Chemist Click, Superdrug and Lloyds and we are confident that we offer the BEST value you can find.

We also offer a range of anti-malaria tablets that do not require a prescription. These are not suitable for use in all countries so please make sure they are going to be effective before you buy. You can either call us or check our Malaria Risk Map.

Malaria prevention tablets are a vital part of your travel plans. We would recommend that you order at least TWO WEEKS before travel where possible. If you do require your order urgently, please contact customer services to discuss this.