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The risk of catching malaria is increased when you travel to a country that has a high-risk factor and haven't taken the proper precautions to prevent being bitten by mosquitoes. At Travelpharm we have information on Malaria which informs you of areas which provide greater risks. It is highly impossible to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes, however, if you take the proper precautions your risk of getting malaria is greatly reduced.There are various types of anti malaria tablets available, such as the popular Malarone tablets, Generic Malarone, Maloff Protect,  Lariam tablets and Doxycycline tablets. The type of malaria tablets you will need depends on such factors such as area/s to be visited, length of stay, type of travel, your own medical history, and drugs you may already be taking. Travelpharm provides all available anti malarial tablets, either by prescription or through an online consultation service. For an up to date guide on what malaria medication you need in each country, please see our Malaria Risk & Vaccination Map.

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Travelpharm have a large range of malaria tablets, which means it can be difficult to choose the right malaria medication for the area you are visiting. We provide an up to date guide on which malaria tablets you need via our Malaria Risk Map. If you are still unsure or would like more advice then please email us or phone us on 01159 512092.

Even though Malaria Tablets provide protection, no tablets are 100% effective, therefore it is essential to take other measure against malaria when visiting risk countries, especially those with high risk. Biting insects and mosquitoes can spread other diseases such as yellow fever and Dengue fever, so it is essential to protect form all biting insects. Travelpharm has tips and advice on how to avoid insect and mosquito bites.

If you already have your prescription for anti malaria tablets, then you can simply send in your original prescription to us through the post after you have ordered your tablets (with the order confirmation attached). If there are no issues with your order/prescription, we will dispense and send your medication from our UK pharmacy. If you are ordering the generic Malarone tablets then your prescription must state 'Atovaquone Proguanil', if it states 'Malarone', then you must either order Malarone, or have the prescription changed to the generic version. If you don't already have a prescription, then you can complete an Online Consultation, which will lead you through a series of questions, which are then reviewed by our independent pharmacist. If there are no issues with the answers you have provided, then you order will be dispensed and sent out to you via the shipping method you chose during the ordering process.