Malaria Risk Information


Travelpharm, is a specialist travel pharmacy providing high-quality medicines and information to intrepid travellers all over the UK. As a registered online pharmacy with 5* trustpilot review and an online prescription service we take travel seriously. On the following few pages you will find all the information you need on Malaria, Altitude and other Risks like Dengue, Zika and Chikugunya to ensure that you get the right anti malaria tablets, insect repellent, or medicines for your trip!

With advice that is frequently updated for all the countries of the world you can be sure that if you are travelling for business or leisure to Africa, North America, South America, Asia or Autralasia, that Travelpharm will have the best information so you don't have to research yourself. Couple that with our easy online prescription service you can order medicines to prevent malaria like Malarone or Generic Malarone, insect repellents from top brands like Incogntio, Trek or Lifesystems, and altitude sickness medicine to help acclimatise like Diamox (Acetazolomide).

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