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Togo, Africa

Malaria Risk Travel Information for Togo

Risk of Malaria is very high throughout the whole of Togo. If visiting this country you will require one of the prescription antimalarials:

Generic Malarone,

Maloff Protect


Malarone Children's Tablets (for Children under 40kg weight)



Due to the high risk of malaria, it is really important that you take a malaria tablet that you are going to get on with. In general Generic Malarone, Maloff Protect and Malarone are the easiest to take. They tend to have the least side effects and on the best dosing regimen. Doxycycline is great for those who want a cheap but effective malaria tablet. It often has more side effects, and you need to take it for 28 days upon leaving the area. Lariam is useful as it is taken weekly, but travellers often choose not to take this malaria tablet because of the side effects, which can include psychiatric disorders. All of these are suitable for travel to Togo, and Travelpharm is often the cheapest on the internet!

The majority of Travelpharms customers who travel to Togo visit for long periods of time and often Visit Friends or Family. Did you know that travellers who Visit Friends and Family are at much greater risk of contracting malaria and other tropical illnesses whilst away? Travelpharm commissioned a study to look at malaria transmission in the UK in friends and family travellers. Don't be just another statistic, make sure you take all relevant precautions against malaria.

What else can I do to prevent malaria when visiting Togo?

For more information and advice on how to prevent malaria, see our How To Avoid Insect & Mosquito Bites page or check out our large range of insect repellents which should be worn day and night. Our prices are amongst the best on the internet!

What Vaccines do I need for Togo?

Below is a table designed to show you what vaccines are mandatory, recommended or ones to consider when visiting Togo:

CholeraHepatitis AHepatitis BJapanese EncephalitisMeningitis ACWYRabies

ConRecCon- ConCon

TetanusTick Borne Encephalitis Typhoid Yellow Fever Vaccine

Rec - -Rec- Man

Due to ongoing Measles outbreaks worldwide, all traveller to Togo should ensure they are up to date with their Measles Mumps and Rubella vaccine (MMR).

Man = Mandatory

Con = Consider

Rec = Recommended

Req = Required if visiting from an area with risk of transmission

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