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Malaria Risk & Vaccination Information

What is the risk of malaria in The Maldives?

Great News! There is no Malaria in the Maldives, but depending upon the time of year you are travelling you may wish to adopt bite avoidance measures.

No risk of malaria in Maldives so antimalarials are not required, but please follow the bite avoidance measures below.

Are there mosquitoes or other biting insects in the Maldives?

You will find biting insects in the Maldives like mosquitos and larval mites, whilst they do not spread malaria they can spread Zika Virus, Dengue Virus, Chikungunya, Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever, leishmaniasis and scrub typhus. It is therefore really important that you look to reduce the risk of insect bites where ever possible. For more information and advice on how to prevent insect bites, you may wish to read our excellent How To Avoid Insect & Mosquito Bites page or skip straight to our large selection of insect repellents!

What Vaccines do I need for the Maldives?

Below is a table designed to show you what vaccines are mandatory, recommended or ones to consider when visiting the Maldives:

CholeraHepatitis AHepatits BJapanese EncephalitisMeningitisRabies

ConCon Con

TetanusTick Borne Encephalitis TyphoidYellow Fever Certificate RequiredYellow Fever Vaccine

Rec Con

If arriving from a WHO transmission risk country

Man = Mandatory

Con = Consider

Rec = Recommended

Req = Required if visiting from an area with risk of transmission

Multi-stop trip? Make sure you read about the risk in other countries you may be visiting.

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