Malaria Risk And Travel Tips For Argentina

Malaria Risk and Travel Tips for Argentina

Argentina is relatively safer than most countries within South America. This is due to having a more or less stable governmental structure offering adequate healthcare.

However, travellers should be wary of potential health hazards if travelling to minor providences outside major cities.

What is the risk of malaria in Argentina?

Malaria risk is low throughout the year.

The risk is limited to the Departments of Oran and San Martin in Salta Province in the north of the country, and to a lesser extent to Corrientes and Misiones Provinces.

There is minimal risk in the tourist area of Iguaçu Falls.

Please check HERE to see a malaria map of Argentina on fitfortravel (a NHS website).

What Malaria prophylaxis do I need to prevent malaria in Argentina?

You do not require antimalarial medication for Argentina however we do suggest good bite avoidance measures.

What else can I do to prevent malaria?

Like any part of South America, it is best practice to remain vigilant when it comes to mosquito bites and good to keep protected when outside but also when resting.

Travelpharm have a selection of products that’ll protect you from wildlife.

For more information and advice on how to prevent malaria, see our How To Avoid Insect & Mosquito Bites page.

What Vaccines do I need for Argentina?

Below is a table designed to show you what vaccines are mandatory, recommended or ones to consider when visiting Argentina:

CholeraHepatitis AHepatitis BJapanese EncephalitisMeningitisRabies

RecCon Con

TetanusTick Borne EncephalitisTuberculosisTyphoidYellow Fever CertificateYellow Fever Vaccine

Rec Con

Man = Mandatory

Con = Consider

Rec = Recommended

Req = Required if visiting from area with risk of transmission

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