Bushman Benefits

If it works in Australia, it can work anywhere!

So why you should choose Bushman for your next trip?

  • Repels Mosquitoes, Midges & Other Biting Insects
  • Long Lasting (Up to 5 hours)
  • Sweat & Water-Resistant
  • Comfortable Skin Feel
  • 40% DEET
  • Family Friendly
  • Pleasant Fragrance
  • Easy To Use Pump Spray

 Now, let's look at some of these benefits in more detail...

Water Resistant:

Bushman is water-resistant and sweat-resistant. This is such an important benefit in real-world scenarios. It means the repellent won’t be sweated off, washed off or rubbed off. Allowing it to stay on the skin and continue to protect.

Comfortable Skin Feel:

For such a long-lasting repellent Bushman is neither oily nor greasy. Its special formulation means it’s comfortable to wear and unnoticeable on the skin.

Pleasant Fragrance:

All Bushman products have a pleasant, neutral scent. The otherwise strong smell of the active is completely masked throughout the range.

Long Lasting:

Bushman uses Time Release Technology and is formulated in a unique way, that allows for the active to be slowly released. The slow release of the active results in improved performance. Bushman lasts longer than rivals with the same active levels, and a lot longer than rivals with lower active levels.

How To Use

Apply Bushman Ultra Effective Insect Repellent directly to your skin.

Apply once a day for Adults and Children from 2 years of age.

There should be no simultaneous use with other products, such as sun lotions.

DO NOT use under clothing. Do not apply near eyes and mouth, and apply sparingly around ears.

DO NOT spray directly into your face; spray on your hands first and then apply to your face.

Never use over cuts, wounds, or irritated skin.

What Insects Does This Repel?

Bushman Ultra contains DEET at 40% which is highly effective at repelling:

  • Mosquitoes
  • Sand Flies
  • Ticks
  • Leeches
  • Sand Fleas
  • Midges
  • No-See-Ums
  • March Flies
  • Horse Flies
  • Bird Lice
  • Other Biting Insects


40% DEET


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