Fluconazole is ideal for treating thrush, which is caused by yeast known as Candida albicans. Under normal conditions the growth of this yeast is kept balanced by the presence of other yeasts and bacteria but thrush occurs where there is an over growth of this yeast because the balance has changed.

What are the symptoms of thrush?

  • A white cottage cheese-like discharge.
  • Itching around the female private areas.
  • Soreness, redness or irritation.
  • Stinging or soreness when going to the toilet

Thrush can be caused by many different things it is when the delicate balance between the good bacteria and natural yeasts that live in the body is disrupted. This can happen for several reasons including some medicines, stress or perfumed soaps. Over cleanliness can also be a problem.

A single dose treatment for thrush. If you have a partner they should also be treated even if they are symptom free.

If you are suffering from external soreness or itching please use clotrimazole cream to provide soothing relief.

Swallow the capsule whole with water. Thrush should clear within two-seven days. If symptoms persist for longer than a week consult your doctor.


Do not use: If under 16 or over 60 years of age. If pregnant, trying to become pregnant or breast-feeding. If taking terfenadine or cisapride.


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