A sugar, alcohol and colour free liquid with a natural orange flavour which relieves infant colic and griping pain by freeing and releasing trapped wind. This could possibly help reduce your infants crying ensuring much needed rest for both you and your baby.

What is Colic?

Colic is a common condition affecting infants from birth. The cause of colic is unknown but it is generally accepted that colic could be caused by trapped wind. The discomfort caused by the trapped wind causes your baby to cry unconsolably and without any obvious cause. usually colic resolves on its own without intervention but it can be distressing for both parents and the baby. This is the reason many parents in the UK use Infacol to help treat the griping pains infants often experience.

Infacol Colic Drops can be used as often as required, but may take several days before symptoms are fully relieved.

Benefits of Infacol:

  • Relieves Infant Colic and Griping Pain
  • Helps Relieve Wind
  • Orange Flavour
  • Suitable Use From Birth Onwards
  • Dropper Included

How to use Infacol:

Shake bottle. Draw up one dropper full by squeezing the rubber bulb twice. Wipe away any excess into the bottle.

To administer squeeze the bulb and release Infacol onto the back of the baby's tongue.


One dropperful (0.5ml) to be given before each feed.

If necessary, after 3 or 4 days this may be increased to two droppers full (1ml).


Simethicone 40mg/1ml oral suspension.


If symptoms do not improve, seek medical advice from your doctor or pharmacist.



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