Lactulose Solution is an osmotic laxative that helps to soften stools by absorbing water, which makes passing stools more comfortable.

Lactulose also changes the acidity of your stools which discourages that growth of bacteria in the bowel, which can also help to treat liver problems such as hepatic encephalopathy.

What causes constipation?

  • Not including enough fibre in your diet, e.g. vegetable, cereals, fruits.
  • Not drinking enough fluids.
  • Not being active enough.
  • Mental health, e.g. anxiety, stress, depression.
  • Some medications.

Lactulose Solution helps to ease constipation by working as a stool softener which draws water into your bowel, softening hardened stools to make it easier for them to pass through your system.


Adult and children over the age of 14:
Take 15 - 45ml of lactulose a day to begin with, you can reduce the dosage to 15 - 30ml over time.

Children aged 7 - 14 years:Take 15ml of lactulose a day to begin with. You can reduce dosage to 10 - 15ml over time.

Children aged 1 - 6:Take 5 - 10ml daily.

Children under the age of 1:Take up to 5ml of lactulose daily.

Please ensure you drink plenty of fluid, for example water, when using Lactulose to help with constipation.


3.35g of Lactulose in each 5ml of lactulose solution.


Do not take before talking to your doctor or pharmacist if you: are pregnant or breast feeding, if you suffer from galatosaemia or require a galatose free diet, if you suffer from diabetes, if you suffer from gastro-intestinal obstruction.


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