Care Magnesium Sulfate Paste is a drawing paste and an easy solution to treat troublesome skin complaints and helps to ease discomfort.

What causes boils and carbuncles?

Boils and carbuncles are usually caused by a type of bacteria which infects 1 or more hair follicles. A boil can appear when bacteria enter the skin through cuts and scrapes. The immune system responds to this infection by sending white blood cells to kill the bacteria which is when a build-up of dead bacteria and dead blood cells along with dead skin cells forms pus inside the boil. A carbuncle will then develop when the bacteria infection spreads further beneath the skin to create a cluster of boils.

Directions of use:

Stir paste well before use, and apply directly to the skin.

Adults, elderly and children: Apply to the affected area and cover with a clean dressing.

Do not use it repeatedly.

If symptoms persist talk to your doctor.


Dried Magnesium Sulfate 47.76% w/v, Phenol 0.49% w/w, Glycerol (E422).


Keep out of sight and reach of children.


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