Metanium ointment contains three active ingredients which work together to treat nappy rash, it works by forming a protective barrier over your baby’s skin, protecting them from irritation

It also repels water, preventing damp conditions which can aggravate the nappy rash.

What can cause nappy rash?

  • The nappy rubbing against your baby’s skin.
  • Soap, detergent, bubble bath.
  • Baby wipes.
  • Leaving a dirty nappy on for a while and your baby’s skin being in this for a long period of time.
  • Not cleaning the nappy area often enough.

How to use Metanium Ointment

Before using the product remove your babies nappy, clean and wash the affected area, then gently dry, also making sure your hands are clean before applying the product to your baby.

Apply a pea-size amount of ointment over the affected area using your fingertips. Spread the ointment thinly enough that you can still see the texture of the skin beneath.

Repeat with every nappy change.


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