Nexium contains the active substance esomeprazole and provide the short term relief of acid reflux. Reflux is the backflow of acid from the stomach into the foodpipe, which may become inflamed and painful. Common symptoms are painful sensations from your chest to your throat, and a sour taste in your mouth.


Adukts:Take 1 per day. Swallow whole with a glass of water. Do not chew or crush.
Not suitable for use in children.

Please note, you may need to take Nexium for 2 or 3 days in a row before your reflux symptoms (for example, heartburn and acid regurgitation) get better. The treatment length is normally for 14 days. You can take your Nexium at any time of the day either with food or on an empty stomach.


Do not take more than this recommended dose of one 20 mg dose a day, even if you don’t feel an improvement immediately. When your reflux symptoms have completely gone you should stop taking this medicine. If your reflux symptoms get worse or do not improve after taking this medicine for 14 days in a row, you should consult a doctor. Always read the product leaflet before using this product.


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