What are Glucosamine Sulphate 500mg tablets for?:

Glucosamine Sulphate may aid joint care and help with joint pain. It is ideal for the elderly or other people suffering from joint complaints.

Glucosamine Sulphate is made up of a combination of glucose and amino acids and occurrs naturally. It is one of the basic parts of cartilage. Cartilage is an essential part of joints - it acts as a cushion between two bones for example in the knee. Wear and tear can damage and break down this cartilage, this can lead to pain when moving the joint particularly when bones rub against each other.

A shellfish derived food supplement providing 500mg of Glucosamine Sulphate, this supplement may help maintain joints reducing joint pain and problems in the future.

Free from sugar, gluten, yeast, artificial flavours, colours and preservatives.

This food supplement should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Made in Great Britain.

How do I take these tablets?:

Adults and Children over 12 years: Take up to three tablets per day with food or liquid.

Not suitable for vegetarians or vegans.

Valupak Glucosamine Sulphate 500mg tablets contain:

Each tablet provides: Glucosamine Sulphate 2KCL 500mg, equivalent to Glucosamine Sulphate 376mg, providing Glucosamine 297mg.


Glucosamine is a derivative of shellfish and may cause an allergic reaction in some people.

Do not exceed the stated dose.

Keep out of sight and reach of children.

Information reviewed by Ben Gascoyne Pharmacist on 22/08/2022.


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