When travelling abroad it is important to make sure you carry the right medicine to cover any risks for the area you are visiting. Ensure you have the right information regarding health risks and what is needed to treat or prevent these risks, such as travellers diarrhoea, pain relief, travel sickness, stomach remedies, allergies, cystitis, insect bites and sting relief.No one likes picking up an illness when abroad, that is why Travelpharm supply a range of travel medicines and travel supplies to help you avoid illness and treat any disease you may pick up when away from home. If you are visiting a country with high temperature then heat stroke is a risk, especially in older travellers and children, therefore it is important to spend limited time in the sun and take in water to avoid dehydration. Heat & humidity can also increase the risk of skin infections, therefore anti-fungal treatments are ideal. Alternatively, in dry countries it is important to carry lip balm and moisturiser to avoid dry skin conditions. Travelpharm supply a large range of travel medicines to ensure you have protection for every eventuality when travelling, all at discount prices.

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