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Looking after your Eyes and Ears (but not mouth and nose, they are in a different department) here at Travelpharm is easy with a large selection of products to help treat dry, itchy, sore or bloodshot eyes.  

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Dry Eyes

As we age unfortunately our eyes will start to lose their ability to lubricate themselves which can result in tired, sore and oddly watery eyes.  You will often find that these symptoms are worse when driving or out in the cold.  Optrex Acti-mist is a great product if driving, especially at night is a problem as it is conveniently sprayed onto the eye lids rather than dropped into the eyes.  Other products to treat the symptoms of dry eye include hypromellose and carbomer 980 (Viscotears). 

Allergic Eyes

Often associated which hayfever, but can occur all year round, allergic conjunctivitis is characterised by red, itchy and watery eyes after coming into contact with pollen for example.  The eyes are likely to be sore and irritated by this and you can develop a very slight sensitivity to sunlight as well.  To treat allergic hayfever eyes use eye drops containing sodium cromoglycate.  These products should be used on a regular basis to treat and then prevent further episodes.  Please see our dedicated hayfever section for further products to help with allergic eyes.