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TravelPharm stock a great range of skin care products and don't think our skin range is just cosmetic!  As a registered UK pharmacy we stock all your essential skin treatments for the treatment of dry and irritated skin conditions, scabies mite, cracked heels and eczema.  Travelpharm stock most of the big brands including Dermalex, Cetraben, Eurax, E45, HC45, and Lyclear.  

New in at Travelpharm is the Thronton and Ross Zeroderma range. The entire range of Zeroderma products are FREE from Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (Sulfate) also known as SLS and offer excellent value compared to leading brands like Cetraben and E45.

With NHS budgets being pushed to the limits many GP surgeries frequently ask customers to buy their own medicines and treatments if available over the counter (OTC).  Travelpharm keeps a great selection of excellently priced pharmacy only products like Cetraben, Lyclear and Hydrocortisone and with FREE delivery available (terms and conditions apply) why not get organised and buy your OTC and holiday essentials online today!


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Eczema is a dry skin condition that manifests as ongoing flare-ups of red itchy skin.  Flare-ups can be managed with small amounts of hydrocortisone cream, but topical steroids like hydrocortisone should not be used regularly.  Instead, treatment of dry skin conditions should focus on restoring the skin barrier. Creams like E45, Cetraben, Dermalex, Oilatum and Aveeno are excellent for this.  Creams and ointments for managing dry skin conditions should be frequently used on all areas of the body, not just the worst affected areas.  With liberal application multiple times daily you will start to see a significant difference!  Unfortunately, some flare-ups will require a steroid to calm them down.  In this situation hydrocortisone 1% cream is a great mild potency topical steroid suitable for up to 1 week of use. Hydrocortisone 1% cream can be used on children from 12years upwards on small areas of red inflamed unbroken skin for no longer than 7 days.   In many situations aggravating factors play a role and these can include the weather, allergies, and even washing powders.

Handwashing with eczema can be particularly problematic as soaps do exactly the opposite to what you need.  Soap is a form of detergent and its primary job is to remove oil and grease, exactly what your skin is lacking if you are an eczema sufferer.  Soaps and detergents are OK to use if you must, but, always ensure that you use a good quality emollient like Cetraben or E45 immediately after washing.  If you struggle to find a soap that suits your skin, then a soap substitute is what you need.  Many eczema sufferers will use creams like E45, Cetraben, or Aqueous Cream to wash with as a soap substitute.