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Hair Loss, or more specifically Male Pattern Baldness affects most men as they get older, but unfortunately, some men suffer much earlier in life.  Male Pattern Baldness typically causes hair loss around the crown and temples with the hair loss getting progressively worse but very rarely ever results in total baldness, but even a slight thinning of the hair can really affect a mans' confidence.  

Travelpharm stock two products that have been shown to help slow and sometimes even reverse hair loss associated with male pattern baldness.  Both products, contain Finasteride 1mg and are available as a tablet.  Men will get the best results from Finasteride containing products like Propecia if they start at the first sign of hair loss.

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Male Pattern Baldness is caused by high or increased levels of dihydrotestosterone, also known as DHT in the blood and predominantly affects men. The dihydrotestosterone (DHT) causes the typical male baldness style by negatively affecting the regeneration of hair follicles of smooth hair on your head causing them to shrink and eventually die.  Coincidently DHT has the opposite effect on coarse hair found elsewhere on the body like chest and legs causing increased thicker growth!  

Treatment - Aside from hair transplants and losing your hair the only other option is to use a drug that blocks the conversion of free testosterone, into DHT.  The most common of these drugs is Finasteride which was initially developed for controlling prostate growth in a condition called benign prostatic hyperplasia.  Finasteride 1mg tablets effectively stop the conversion of testosterone to DHT and if started early enough can reduce or even reverse the classic male baldness pattern.  Unfortunately, if left to late and the hair follicle dies then it cannot then be revived.  Finasteride 1mg tablets are taken every day and it can take several months to notice an improvement.  Improvement/Prevention of decline can be monitored by taking monthly photos of your hair and hairline to see changes. Once Finasteride is stopped it will take only 12 months for your hair to return to "normal".  So you cannot view finasteride as a cure for male pattern baldness, but it is certainly a "remedy".

Male Pattern Baldness Types - Male pattern baldness can be typed by stage, ranging from Normal to Stage 4.  Each stage of male baldness also has subtypes with progressive baldness are each stage. This handy illustration below shows the different stages.