Smoking Cessation

Want to give up smoking? Don't know where to Start?

Firstly most people succeed through using counselling services like FreshStart and Newleaf, but Tobacco Smoke is addictive and going cold turkey can be tricky!  Travelpharm supply Champix (Varenicline) to smokers as part of a course to help you reduce the cravings, reduce the risk of rebound and to eventually help you stop.  Travelpharm offers fast discreet delivery at a great price from a registered UK pharmacy.  Try our online consultation today and see how much you can save!

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Giving up smoking - Champix and NRT

Giving up smoking is never an easy task, it takes willpower, hard work and determination. Quitting smoking is one of the biggest steps to improving your health. No matter how old you are, it is never too late to give up smoking, stopping at any age will help increase your life expectancy, provided you stop before you develop cancer or another serious illness.

You will start to feel the benefits as soon as you quit, for example, after just 20 minutes your blood pressure & pulse will return to normal, and after 24 hours your lungs will start to clear. After just 1 month your skin will be brighter, clearer and hydrated. After 3-9 months your breathing will improve and you will have little or no coughing or wheezing. After a year of quitting, your risk of a heart attack or heart disease will have halved compared to that of a smoker.

Nicotine within cigarettes is what makes them so addictive. Nicotine replacement therapy products are designed to release nicotine slowly into your body so you are able to calm cravings or withdrawal symptoms without the thousands of other poisonous chemicals normally found in cigarettes. There are various forms of nicotine replacement therapy, such as patches, gum, inhalators, lozenges, nasal & mouth spray and tablets. The only NRT medication that is available specifically designed to help you quit smoking is Champix, these tablets work by preventing the nicotine from binding to receptors in the brain which helps to calm cravings.