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The Piriton Family

The Piri range of products are designed to provide fast and effective relief from hay fever and other allergies, available in tablet, nasal spray and syrup form which makes Piri ideal for all the family including kids.

Introducing the range:


Piriton allergy tablets and syrup contain the active ingredient chlorphenamine maleate, which is a type of medicine called an antihistamine.

It is available for the symptomatic relief of hay fever, and all other allergies including nettle rash, hives and prickly heat. This fast-acting antihistamine can also be used for food allergies and insect bites.  

The Syrup can be used in children who are over 12 months and the tablets are ideal for adults and children aged 6 years and over. 

Pirinase which is a steroid nasal spray that contains the corticosteroid Fluticasone.  Nasal sprays like Pirinase are suitable for adults 18 years or over to help manage the symptoms of allergic rhinitis and watery itchy eyes.  These are common symptoms of hay fever. The convenient daily dose makes using the product really easy!  Just use two sprays up each nostril to relieve you of your symptoms for another 24 hours.  

Piriteze contains Cetirizine and is excellent for controlling allergies like hay fever.  This product is suitable for adults and children from 6 years of age, and with simple once a day dosing, few side effects and a non-drowsy formulation Piritze is a winner all year round.

What is an allergy? 

Your body is faced with an allergy when it produces an adverse reaction to a usually harmless substance.  This substance is then known as an allergen.  Examples of common allergens include pollen, dust mites and food. When your body comes in contact with the allergen, the immune system reacts, causing the classic allergy symptoms. 

If you have never experienced hay fever or an allergy before talk to your doctor or pharmacist for medical advice.  A lot of people initially mistake hay fever for a cold as the symptoms can be very similar.

What is Hay Fever?

A runny nose, itchy eyes, a headache and feeling tired. Spring and summer don’t just bring better weather, they also kickstart the hay fever season, causing such symptoms.  The season can start as early as February for tree pollens and last well into October for moulds and spores!  That's not good news for those who are sufferers.  And I forget to mention grass pollen throughout the UK summer!  

Hay fever is another name for a pollen allergy. Throughout most of the year, even in autumn, all flowers, grasses and trees release pollen. If you are allergic to pollen it means that the mucous membranes in the nose, eyes and throat recognise the pollen as hostile invaders. Your body’s defence mechanism will kick in, making your nose run, your sinuses block up and your eyes water.  Very unpleasant.  

As the hay fever season lasts for several months it can mean the membranes can get quite irritated, causing red eyes, a sore throat, and even itchy ears.


What medicines can I use to control Hay Fever?

Most sufferers of allergies rely on antihistamine medicines containing drugs like Chlorphenamine (Piriton), Cetirizine (Piriteze) or Loratadine.  Cetirizine and Loratadine are classed as modern antihistamines and as such are usually non drowsy and have a long duration of action meaning you only need to take them once per day.  Older antihistamines like Chlorphenamine tend to have more side effects than the modern versions because they are not as specific.  


Side effects from antihistamine tablets are unusual, particularly with the modern versions, but side effects do occur.  When they do typically they are seen as drowsiness, a dry mouth, stomach discomfort and fatigue.  


If tablets fail to work, or they do not control some of the more specific symptoms, like allergic rhinitis which is characterised by a runny, stuffy nose, or allergic conjunctivitis which is characterised by red, itch eyes patients will often use nasal sprays or eye drops.  This next tier of specific treatment can be combined together and also combined with tablets ensuring maximum protection against seasonal allergies. 

Over the counter medicines not working?

Sometimes over the counter pharmacy medicines simply are strong enough.  This is why TravelPharm stocks a range of prescription-strength products like antihistamines and steroid nasal sprays to help control your symptoms.  Why not check out our online consultation section where you can view available treatments.


Travelpharm is a UK registered online pharmacy and can sell the entire Piri range of products to help prepare against allergies and reduce the impact they have on your body.