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Pyramid specialises in travel products such as mosquito nets, repellents and travel hygiene products. Based in Kelso, on the Scottish Borders, Pyramid manufacture their own mosquito repellents and travel hygiene products, so when you buy a Pyramid product, you can rest assured that it is manufactured in the UK and to the highest standard of quality!

No matter what type of journey or trip you're planning, there will be a Pyramid product that can enhance it! From keeping mosquitoes away with their premium nets and sprays to keeping your hands and equipment free from germs and other harmful bugs.

Here at Travelpharm our Pyramid travel products range is broken down into three key areas of travel, Mosquito Nets, Repellents and Hygiene.

Mosquito Nets:

When it comes to mosquito nets, you can't get any better than Pyramid! Why? We are glad you asked!

Designed for use in the most extreme conditions, Pyramid Mosquito Nets offer ultimate protection from mosquitoes and other biting insects.

The Pyramid MosinetBed Pop-Up Mosquito Net is a self-supporting, strong and secure mosquito net is ideal for use in high-risk malaria countries. It comes in both double and single bed options. If the bed or accommodation does not suit a domed-style mosquito net then you might want to consider the Pyramid Mosquito Wedge Net. Again it comes in a double or single, but this net is more suited for use in tents or when bedding down outdoors.

If your Pyramid net is impregnated with Permethrin, the Zi Technology Fabric Impregnation provides protection for up to 2 years (or 35 washes). All the nets are manufactured from high quality 100% polyester mesh and most of the nets are comprised of 300 hole mesh, which is double the recommended WHO standard!

If you are planning on a backpacking holiday or gap year travel that requires you to sleep in multiple hostels and other places where bed hygiene might be questionable, then you might need more protection than just your sleeping bag! While your sleeping bag may provide some barrier between yourself and an overused bed, you might want to consider using the Pyramid Bed Bug Guard Bedsheet & Pillow Case. Made from tough, lightweight polyester, this Permethrin impregnated bed and pillow cover effectively kills or deters insects!

It's not just at night when you need to keep yourself protected if you're travelling about in the day you might need additional protection. The Pyramid Mosquito and Midge Head Net that fits over any headgear and can be secured around the neck with the adjustable cord to prevent mosquito, midges or any other biting insects. This lightweight net comes in its own travel case and is ideal for travelling in tropical regions or areas of Scotland.

As with all of these mosquito net products, practice putting them up and taking them down BEFORE you travel. Not only will these make life much easier for you once on holiday, but it is also a chance to run your eye over the product to ensure it is in full working order!

Mosquito & Insect Repellents:

If you're looking for fast-acting and long-lasting protection from mosquitoes and other biting insects, then the Pyramid Trek Repellent range is your go-to solution for staying bite-free!

Our top-selling Pyramid Trek 50 sprays help protect you from mosquitoes and biting insects for up to 6 hours and has been clinically proven to repel mosquitoes! It is an ideal travel companion on holidays and adventures in areas of tropical and sub-tropical Central and South America, sub-Saharan Africa, India and Pakistan and South-East Asia. If you want a little extra protection, the Trek Ultra Insect Repellent Spray is one of the most advanced mosquito protection sprays on the market and helps provide all-day protection.

Whether you want to go DEET or DEET-Free, the extensive range of mosquito repellents will have the right product for you!

If its midges and ticks you are trying to keep away then the Pyramid Trek Midge & Tick Repellent is the ideal solution to those pesky biters! The midge season is usually between May and September, so giving yourself extra protection during these months is only a few sprays away! The spray lasts for 12 hours and has been particularly formulated to tackle the most extreme midge conditions - Pyramid are based in Scotland, so they know what it takes to combat midges!

As well as using adequate netting and repellents, you also need to consider your clothing. Long-sleeved shirts and trousers will increase the chances of you not getting bitten when travelling in high-risk malaria countries. It also goes without saying that any journey into a malaria-risk area will require some form of malaria prevention medication! Not all anti-malaria tablets are suited to all destinations, so check out our full range of Anti-Malaria Tablets or if you need further advice, Speak To Our Pharmacist.

Hygiene & Sanitisation:

The last thing you want on your trip or holiday is to get ill! Sometimes, water will not be available in order to keep yourself or your gear clean. Luckily for you, Pyramid has your back!

The Pyramid Antibacterial Hand Gel and Surface Sanitiser Spray kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria and is ideal for travel because they do not require water. The Hand Gel starts working in 30 seconds and unlike other hand gels, it is much more gentle and kinder to your skin.

Keeping your hands clean and free from germs is all well and good, but if you don't think about the objects and surfaces you come into contact with, then it will all be for nothing! The Surface Spray is great for use in toilets and bathrooms or when using a public or communal equipment and items. It can also be used for food preparation, simply spray the surface and wipe it down.