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All Sensodyne products are designed to provide relief for individuals suffering from pain associated with sensitive teeth. If you suffer a twinge in your teeth when you eat cold foods or drink hot liquids, or suffer a short sharp pain due to tooth sensitivity, then you will probably be suffering from dentine hypersensitivity.   To you and me this is known as Sensitive teeth.

Sensitive teeth occur due to the gradual exposure of the softer part of your tooth under the tooth enamel, called dentine. Dentine has tubules that lead to the nerve and are filled with fluid. When you eat or drink hot or cold items, then this can cause a change in fluid movement. This causes the nerve ending to react, triggering a short, sharp pain.

Some of the most common causes of sensitive teeth are enamel loss, dental caries and gum disease. Sensodyne have a range of products that are designed to provide relief for pain associated with sensitive teeth, as well as providing improved oral health. Buy Sensodyne products online from Travelpharm.