Buy Sterimar Nasal Sprays Online to help resolve your nasal congestion.  With its unique seawater formulation, the balance of salts helps to keep your nasal passages clean and moist whilst still be kind and gentle, so suitable for the whole family.  

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Sterimar - Buy online at Travelpharm

Do you suffer from nasal congestion? Whether this is due to allergies (such as hay fever or allergic rhinitis), cold and flu or if you just need to cleanse and moisturise your nasal passages, Sterimar's range of nasal sprays are at hand to help! 

Each Sterimar spray is designed to tackle different types of nasal congestion and works quickly to provide fast and effective relief. 

Based on a seawater formula, Sterimar is a non-medicated range that helps to provide natural congestion relief allowing you to wash away dust and allergens from the nose, ease symptoms, and restore the nose's natural functions. 

Nasal Hygiene

Ensuring your nose is clean, clear and moisturised can help ensure your nose is in top working condition which will help defend against the airborne contaminants you breathe in.  

If you allow your nasal passage to become dry or clogged, then it cannot be as efficient when performing its role in keeping you healthy.  

If you are exposed to an allergen (such as dust mites), Sterimar will help prevent the onset of symptoms and reduce the risk of further problems occurring.  

Why choose Sterimar?

Sterimar effectively relieves symptoms without using steroids, drugs or preservatives in their products.  

It is 100% natural, purified seawater based and is completely drug and preservative-free, this means that the Sterimar product range offers a solution to everyone including babies, and pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. 

People with allergies, especially those who suffer from seasonal allergies such as hay fever, may be tempted to stay indoors and avoid the pollen and other triggers, especially during the high point of hay fever season, but with Sterimar you don't have to worry about your nose being bunged up! So now you can get on with your day. 

While Sterimar is great at fighting common allergies, they also have a product that is designed for use during cold and flu season as well! Sterimar Stop & Protect Cold and Sinus Relief spray gets to work in two minutes and helps to fight colds, decongests your nose, and is free from steroids, drugs, and preservatives.