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Who are we? Travelpharm have been in business since 2006, set up and ran by pharmacists with a special interest in travel health.  Our aim has always been to deliver a high quality and flexible service designed to meet the requirements of even the most intrepid traveller.

We have recently launched our new TravelPharm Student Initiative; a collection of resources geared towards the adventurous student traveller.  You will find links to our product pages where you can buy your medicines (which are prescribed and dispensed in the UK from registered premises) and amongst other things travel health blogs, and all the health and travel accessories you’ll ever need.

Our lead pharmacist Mr Andrew Walton is a registered UK prescribing pharmacist with a special interest in travel.  As a seasoned traveller (6 out of 7 continents!), he has a great understanding of world geography and has the experience to advise and recommend suitable medicines and vaccines for your trip!

So what are you waiting for …… you’ve got this far, you are only a few clicks away from getting all the medicines and accessories you need for your trip at a great student-friendly price!

Anti-Malaria Tablets - What You Need To Know

There are various types of anti-malaria tablets available, such as the popular Malarone tablets or its unbranded equivalent Atovaquone/Progunail tablets, Lariam tablets and Doxycycline tablets. The type of malaria tablets you will need depend on factors such as area/s to be visited, length of stay, type of travel, your own medical history and drugs you may already be taking.

It is worth noting that anti-malaria tablets need to be taken correctly, following dosage instructions provided to be effective; but even if taken correctly they are not always 100% effective.

Student travel can be complicated.  As a backpacker you may opt to stay in lower quality unscreened accommodation, travel to multiple countries in a short space of time and get off the "beaten track".  At Travelpharm We have a range of affordable anti-malaria tablets that can be tailored to the type of trip or holiday you are undertaking.  

Malaria Prevention

Travelpharm stock many products that will help prevent you get malaria.  We stock a wide variety of anti-malaria tablets and a large selection of sprays, repellents, nets and fabric treatments.   

Whilst malaria tablets are essential for many trips you must take extra precautions against malaria when visiting risk countries, especially those with high risk. Biting insects and mosquitoes will spread other diseases such as Yellow Fever, Dengue fever, Chikungunya virus and Zika virus to name but a few so it is essential to protect form all biting insects. Travelpharm has tips and advice on how to avoid insect and mosquito bites.

Online Consultations

We offer an Online Consultation service which makes it simple and convenient for you to purchase your medication without having to book an appointment with your doctor. Simply answer a series of medical questions when ordering your desired medication, and when we have your order it will be reviewed by our pharmacist.

Provided we don't need any more information from you, your order will be dispensed from our UK pharmacy. Travelpharm have a range of prescription medicines that are available to buy online, such as malaria tablets, erectile dysfunction tablets , travellers diarrhoea tablets and altitude sickness tablets.

Ordering products from Travelpharm via our online consultation service is simple:

Items ordered via Online Consultations are sent Standard Delivery and will usually be with you in 3 - 5 working days.  If you are in a hurry, please select Express or Premium Express delivery.

Mosquito Nets & Insect Repellents

If you are travelling to areas that have a high risk of mosquitoes, midges, ticks and other biting insects, it is important to take the proper precautions to reduce the risk of being bitten. Mosquitoes can spread serious diseases, most commonly malaria, so it is important to ensure you are protected throughout the day and night with insect repellents, mosquito nets and clothing treatment. If you are entering a country or area that has a high risk of malaria, then you should also take anti-malaria tablets to help treat and prevent you being infected with malaria.

There is a range of insect repellents available, and when combined, will greatly reduce the risk of being bitten by insects, for example, Repellent sprays, repellent lotions, mosquito plug-ins, mosibands and mosquito smoke coils, all designed to help keep biting insects at bay. Mosquito nets are ideal for keeping your sleeping area clear of mosquitoes during the day and night, this helps to stop any bugs and insects biting when you are sleeping. Mosquito nets are available in different shapes and sizes to ensure you can find the right net for your need.