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Introducing Travelpharm!

Hi Student Money Matters reader!

You may not have heard of us but we are a small company who are perfect for your big adventure.

No big adventure planned?  Then not to worry as we stock a wide variety of medicines and accessories perfect for your little adventure or staycation!  

You may have recently had an email from us introducing ourselves and showcasing the services we offer. For more information about this email, see the FAQ below!

Why Have I Received This Email?

Travelpharm recently advertised in the Student Money Matters magazine and as part of the advertising process, we were issued a GDPR compliant database of email subscribers compiled by CW Publishing Group. Your email was on this list. You have not been a victim of spam and neither has your email address been compromised. If consent is not obtained for further communication then over the next month or so your email address will be automatically removed from the subscriber database.

The purpose of the automated email was to attain GDPR compliant consent to be contacted by Travelpharm with offers, travel blogs and new products. We do not engage heavily in email marketing and you would expect up to a maximum of 4 emails per month from us. Our privacy policy also states that we do not share your data with other companies.

Who Are Travelpharm?

We are a travel medicine pharmacy and specialise in anti-malarial medicines and travel accessories, like insect repellents and mosquito nets. We are also a licenced and fully regulated pharmacy and sell all the regular medicines your local pharmacy might stock also.

I Want To Receive Future Emails

Great! Simply confirm your subscription in the initial email or visit the bottom of our homepage and enter your email address in the newsletter sign up box.

I DON'T Want To Receive Future Emails

If you choose not to receive further email communication from us, do not worry your email will be removed automatically from the database shortly, alternatively please click the unsubscribe button located at the bottom of the page of the initial email.